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We understand the challenges faced by job seekers like you, whether you're a recent graduate aiming to secure asmany crucial interviews as possible, or an H1B visa holder navigating the intricate landscape of ob market with a senseof urgency, or a dedicated ob seeker with a ful-time job pursing new opportunities in limited after-work time. We arehere to support you.

Our Chrome extension helps you swiftly and effortlessly fill out job applications. No more wasting precious time onepetitive questions that require you to compose engthy answers. Your unique qualities deserve to be showcased, andwith OfferTurbo, you can auto-fill those repetitive guestions with the information already provided in your resume orprofile. But we don't stop there. We go the extra mile to address those time-consuming open-ended questionsPowered by cutting-edge GPT Al models, OfferTurbo provides you with expertly crafted answers that perfectlyrepresent you. How amazing is that?

At OfferTurbo, we strive to cover as many iob websites as possible, ensuring our tool works seamlessly acrossplatforms. However, we know that sometimes a few websites may slip through the net. lf you come across any issueswhere our tool is not responding or certain questions are not properly answered, we want to hear from you. Yourfeedback is invaluable in helping us improve and fine-tune our product to meet your needs.

We're here for vou, empowering vou to stand out from the crowd and land that dream opportunity. Don't hesitate toreport any issues below so that we can continue enhancing our product and serving you better

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